RWS Recycling Waste Solutions 3

Prior to starting the business, the founder Mitchell Ross, held a Senior Management position for a large multinational recycling company. Feeling disillusioned with large scale corporate views and their systematic styles, he decided to change the face of recycling and waste management for commercial business in Perth by creating RWS.

With Mitchell's experience, passion for the environment and innovative foresight, RWS has invested in innovative waste management systems with the core emphasis on recycling as an environmentally sustainable waste solution, which gives them the ability to deliver a comprehensive waste management service with full accountability through monthly reporting systems.

The experienced personnel at RWS are committed to the culture that Mitchell has created from day one. Their emphasis on the critical importance that recycling plays towards our environment coupled with efficient service and value for money has enabled the business to grow organically and quickly.

Nine years on, RWS is now the largest waste and recycling contractor in the Perth CBD, the largest commercial glass recycler in the state of Western Australia and maintains the single largest fleet of trucks servicing the Perth CBD.

Feel free to contact Mitchell today to discuss how he can help you get on the right waste management track to improve the way you deal with waste sooner.