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Recycling Waste Solutions bins

RWS has created an innovative and simple colour coded bin system to maximise waste collection on site. Our bin system has proven successful with other customers as the unique colours combined with large identifications labels clearly indicate the waste product to be placed in that bin. Through employee education and reinforcement of this simple procedure, we have found that mindsets can be changed to reduce contamination and increase recycling.

From experience, we believe this bin system eliminates confusion amongst customer employees and actively encourages recycling awareness in a positive way. The other major advantage is that the bin sorting on-site will be kept to a minimum as our proven colour coded bin system provides sorting at the point of bin entry. Separate container bins reduces odours and costs in cleaning.

In a nutshell, this is what we do for many customers so our systems have been developed over time to culminate in the best practice system that we deliver to day.

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