RWS Recycling Waste Solutions 3
Recycling Waste Solutions 2  

• Paper and cardboard
• Glass, plastic bottles, cans
• Plastic film / wrap
• Fluorescent tubes

• Polystyrene
• E-waste
• Secure documents

Recycling Waste Solutions 3
Recycling Waste Solutions 4

We propose to equip all work stations with recycling boxes for all paper waste.

Paper waste accounts for almost 95% of the waste from an office environment and includes standard office papers, cardboard, magazines, newspaper, photocopies, manila folders, in fact almost 95% of the waste from an office environment.

We take away your general waste bin.

The desk boxes are emptied by the worker or cleaner into wheelie bins, strategically placed around the office. Our colours are black with orange lid for paper.

Recycling Waste Solutions 5

Recycling and Waste Solutions will equip all kitchen, café, function and bar areas with a blue with red lid wheelie bin. These bins are for glass bottles, plastic drink containers, tin and aluminium cans. These bins are smaller than the regular bins to fit into small kitchen areas.

Recycling Waste Solutions 6

Larger wheelie bins for cardboard will be supplied for the cleaners to use to collect loose cardboard left near lifts each night. We believe our system will eliminate this problem of cardboard left out in view.

Recycling Waste Solutions 7

RWS will sort through the green waste bins nightly and remove what recyclables are possible.

This will be cardboard,paper (including magazines,newspaper and packaging papers), glass and plastic containers where possible.

These recyclables will be removed and picked up in the recycling truck a short time later that night.

RWS will manage and report the whole waste system and reduce general waste.