RWS Recycling Waste Solutions 3

• Paper and Cardboard bins from 240lt up to 1100lt wheelie bins
• Secure document destruction bins in 240lt with a lock
• Comingled bin in 60lt, 120lt, 240lt and 660lt. These are for Glass, plastic bottles cans and tins
• Polystyrene
• Fluorescent tubes bins in 240lt and 660lt
• Printer cartridge bins
• Battery Bins
• We also have under desk boxes available for papers
• General waste from 240litre wheelie bins up to 30m³ bulk bins
• Grease Traps
• Waste Audits

If you are doing a major cleanout, archive cleanout, relocation or just a spring clean, RWS can offer waste and recycling bins. It is much easier to have wheelie bins delivered and eliminate any OH&S issues due to carrying heavy loads.

You don't have to cart all your waste to the basement saving time and money.